Our electronic device PLOSE BOX allows deferred payment of the tolls charged along motorway networks in France, Spain and Portugal.

Tolls are charged on the entire Spanish motorway network consisting of more than 3000 kms of highways, managed by more than 30 different Motorway Management Companies.

We offer the possibility to receive a discount up to 50% off standard tariffs, based on the number of transits made on each motorway.

  • Plose box

    › The technological standards used by our equipment are operated since 2007 on over 600,000 vehicles.

    › It respects the guidelines defined by the EU Interoperability Directive and Eurovignette Directive for European toll systems.

    › It concerns Heavy Goods Vehicles and buses with a total authorized weight over 3.5 tons.

    › It is personalized with the data of the vehicle on which it is installed.

    › The gates equipped for automatic toll payment are indicated with orange symbols at both entrance and at exit; the vehicle transit is detected and the transaction flows automatically.

    › Our contracts allow customers to benefit from a discount of up to 13% on the toll charged monthly – to each vehicle by each motorway concessionaire.

Design by Bunker  –  Illustrations by Andy Potts