Since July 2011, tolls are charged for the use of 2.900 km of motorways, clearways and national roads in Poland.

Goods transport vehicles that are subject to the toll have a fully loaded total authorized weight above 3.5 tons or are buses for the transport of more than 9 people (including driver).

The system is based on the exchange of electromagnetic waves between the VIABOX and special portals, without requiring the vehicle to slow down or pass through gates. The system also provides special control systems to verify whether a vehicle is equipped with a VIABOX, if this one is properly working and if the toll has been paid correctly.

The VIABOX is an electronic device that conforms to European regulations that is released after the necessary registration. There are currently more than 600,000 devices in circulation.


    The VIABOX features the following characteristics:

    › works with an independent battery

    › is applied to the windscreen with adhesive strip

    › is personalized with the following data – stored on the device:

    › device number

    › vehicle registration number

    › country of registration

    › toll / weight class

    › Euro class

Design by Bunker  –  Illustrations by Andy Potts