Plose Union and motorway discounts

  • Plose Sistem Service hold trading relationships since the early 80’s with Autostrade Spa and Telepass Spa (the largest motorway concessionaire in Italy and the only Italian toll collector, respectively).
  • Plose Union, established in 2001, was the first Italian cooperative created to associate non-Italian companies (operating goods transportation on third party account) as members.
  • All members are granted the maximum discount on Italian motorway tolls, with a limit currently set at 13% and published every year by the Italian Government; the discount is calculated with regards to the so-called “adjusted” toll turnover (charged from January to December of each year, and paid by mean of either Viacard or Telepass), with a formula based on each vehicle pollution/ecological classification (Euro class).
  • Members are also provided with monthly news and press coverage, together with summary reports of Viacard and Telepass transactions.


Mont Blanc & Frejus Tunnels

Viacard and Telepass

  • Accepted throughout the entire Italian toll motorway network (around 6000 km managed by 24 Concessionaires).
  • Allow customers to receive a single, detailed, chronological list of trips made by each vehicle / equipment unit.
  • Simplify the process of VAT  recovery. Our invoices are valid for VAT purposes (unlike the receipt handed together with cash or credit card payment).
  • Telepass

    In excess of 8 million users. On Board Units can be easily attached to the vehicle’s windscreen with the included adhesive strip – no electric connection needed. Toll gates can be passed through without stopping, transit is registered automatically.


    Cards have neither an expiry date nor a spending limit. They bear the name of the company, but are not tied to the vehicle’s registration number.

Design by Bunker  –  Illustrations by Andy Potts