The Eurovignette is a road user charge connected to the use of the highway network in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden. Commercial vehicles with a total authorized weight of more than 12 tonnes have to buy Eurovignette to use motorways and toll highways in the above countries.

The Eurovignette can be calculated (and paid for) per day, week, month or year (all on calendar basis: for example, a one-day vignette is valid for the selected calendar day, as from the time of booking). The transaction is registered electronically, ie there is no need to keep receipts as proof of purchase.

Plose can offer different payment methods for the Eurovignette:

› Purchase with Plose Card at the Eurovignette retail outlets

› Purchase with Plose Card: customers shall access the portal (the site is available in 6 languages: English, German, French, Polish, Czech and Spanish), select ‘’booking’’, then choose Plose Card as method of payment and follow instructions to confirm the transaction

› Service Plus Plose: customers can also ask our customer service department to place their order. Just fill out the order form and send it to Plose via email or fax. We will process the payment and send a purchase confirmation message.

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