Starting on the 1st of April 2016, the EUROVIGNETTE will no longer be valid in Belgium, as a new kilometer toll and levy (tax) for HGVs exceeding 3.5 tons will be implemented in the country. PLOSE will help you! The registration phase for the new tolls in Belgium has already started and PLOSE can assist you in this process.


Do you want our help and support?

If yes, fill in the contact form! We will take care of everything.


Already registered?

Registration is not a binding process to any toll distributor!

If you have already registered with another supplier or directly in Belgium, don’t worry, you can still benefit from our service and competitive conditions. You can pay with PLOSE the new Belgian tolls!


Will I receive the best offer through PLOSE?

Yes. We commit to our top service standard. We offer you transparent and CLEAR invoices. Through PLOSE, you can receive all available daily transactions. Just login to the private area at, and immediately view all the transactions that the toll operators from the different countries have sent to us. Download your invoices, data, order devices, and interact with our professional team and your dedicated sales agent.

  • Clear invoices
  • No hidden commissions
  • Online daily transactions control through our portal
  • Best customer support service
  • And the most competitive conditions



Our electronic device PLOSE BOX, accepted in France, Spain and Portugal, can also be used to pay the toll at the Liefkenshoek tunnel. This is presently the only toll route in Belgium, located on Antwerp’s great bypass and connecting the two banks of the port.

We give access to a toll reduction of 27% with respect to manual payment and of 20% with respect to payment by credit card.

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  • Plose box

    › The technological standards used by our equipment are operated since 2007 on over 600,000 vehicles.

    › It respects the guidelines defined by the EU Interoperability Directive and Eurovignette Directive for European toll systems.

    › It concerns Heavy Goods Vehicles and buses with a total authorized weight over 3.5 tons.

    › It is personalized with the data of the vehicle on which it is installed.

    › The gates equipped for automatic toll payment are indicated with orange symbols at both entrance and at exit; the vehicle transit is detected and the transaction flows automatically.

    › Our contracts allow customers to benefit from a discount of up to 13% on the toll charged monthly – to each vehicle by each motorway concessionaire.

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