Abnormal loads assistance

Plose Ate: authorisations, permits and escorts for abnormal load transports in Italy. Since 1991, Plose Ate support international hauliers who perform abnormal loads transportation on the Italian territory, applying the mandatory permits and authorisations, arranging the most appropriate escorts and providing comprehensive and professional aid and assistance throughout the entire journey.

After a thorough examination of your oversized load and itinerary, our team will:

  • apply for the required authorizations and permits to the relevant organizations and authorities that manage the highway, state, regional, provincial, municipal, cooperative and port roads that are to be involved during the transit;
  • forward the relevant requests to the entities and companies that manage railway networks and level crossings, should any of these be transpassed during the transit;
  • take care of all authorizations specified in the road regulations;
  • arrange the mandatory escorts that shall accompany the vehicle or convoy.


Where necessary, we will also:

  • undertake the most appropriate technical checks and feasibility studies on the route specification and conditions;
  • perform static infrastructure analysis in accordance with the rules and requirements of the organizations and authorities in charge of all roads and motorways included in the transit;
  • make sure all mobile and fixed obstacles along the route are removed or avoided.

Our experienced team ensure full compliance with regulatory guidelines and instructions as well as effective problem solving; these outstanding skills, combined with our customer oriented approach, have gained us the confidence of our customers of all sizes and nationalities.

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We pride ourselves of an outstanding and unrivaled 25-year experience in this domain, gained through dealings with customers, partners and authorities in hundreds of abnormal load transports every year.


We are not a logistic operator, we do not perform any transportation directly, and never will. Our mission is to be the best partner for abnormal load transporters who want to make use of our special skills in providing professional, competent and independent advice and support. Our success comes from the valued contribution we give in each load arriving at destination; safely, timely and efficiently.

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