PLOSE opens the gate to the new tolls in Belgium

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Starting on the 1st of April 2016, the EUROVIGNETTE will no longer be valid in Belgium, as a new kilometer toll and tax for heavy goods vehicles exceeding 3.5 tons will be implemented in the country.

PLOSE will help you!

The registration phase for the new tolls in Belgium has already started and PLOSE can assist you in this process.

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If yes, fill in the contact form:

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Already registered?

Registration is not a binding process to any toll distributor!

If you have already registered with another supplier or directly in Belgium, don’t worry, you can still benefit from our service and competitive conditions. You can pay with PLOSE the new Belgian tolls!

Will I receive the best offer through PLOSE?

Yes. We commit to our top service standard. We offer you transparent and CLEAR invoices. Through PLOSE,  you can receive all available daily transactions. If you are already a customer, just login to your private area and you will immediately view all the transactions that the toll operators from the different countries have sent to us. Download your invoices, data, order devices, and interact with our professional team and your dedicated sales agent.

  • Clear invoices
  • No hidden commissions
  • Online daily transactions control through our portal
  • Best customer support service
  • And the most competitive conditions

This is PLOSE, with you all the way !

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