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Plose is the best partner in fulfilling the needs of heavy goods vehicles moving on European infrastructures, providing solutions for the payment of tolls and taxes…

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Plose supply solutions have been and always will be at the forefront in technology, economical arrangements and customer support….

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Traffic bans in Italy

Useful summary of the decree that governs the traffic bans in force in Italy in the year 2019 for trucks heavier than 7,5 tons. Download the …

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New RoadMaster

A single device! Just one rental fee, including service in ALL countries No deposit SAT and Microwave technology Over-the-air activation and …

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New Plose Box Dual

With the new PLOSE BOX DUAL , you can drive through 4 countries and the Liefkenshoektunnel without stopping! PLOSE BOX DUAL is ONE SINGLE …

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